Lizzy Ott

Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist

I’m a newly licensed acupuncturist and new mama. I grew up in Princeton, NJ, with deep roots in the Southeast. I spent many years living in NYC then moved to Seattle 7 years ago to pursue my studies in holistic medicine. I was first exposed to Chinese medicine while living in NYC, and acupuncture treatments became a healing balm for the impact of city life.

My interest in health began early in high school with a love of food as medicine and an ardent yoga practice. I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at NYU, but knew that ultimately I was destined for a more holistic path. I became a registered yoga teacher and completed a health coaching certificate after graduating, and also began to explore my interest in birth. I became a trained doula, fueled by a desire to get closer to the potency of the moment life begins. As I studied more about women’s health issues, it became progressively clearer to me that the many phases we go through - menstruating, pregnancy, labor, postpartum - could actually feel good, when tended to with lifestyle adjustments and holistic care. While in acupuncture school, I experienced pregnancy loss and ultimately a healthy pregnancy - my sweet baby arrived in December 2022. East Asian medicine was a huge part of recovering from loss and staying nourished during my pregnancy and postpartum period, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer healing to others in similar positions.

My clinical interest could be dubbed as women’s health, though I am committed to offering supportive care to not only cis women, but also to trans men and nonbinary people who have wombs, menstruate, and birth children.

I came to East Asian medicine through an interest in ancient, cosmically based health care. I was drawn to East Asian medical theory’s embrace of the body as situated within environmental and life cycles, to it’s embedded knowing of interconnection and impermanence. I believe in the resilience of the body, and view my treatments as a means of encouraging my patients’ own innate vitality. I see each clinical encounter as a ritual, with the potential to spark inner change.I consider not only the physical, but the many societal, environmental, and spiritual factors that go into each person’s state of wellbeing. I approach health care from a trauma informed, anti-racist, and health at every size perspective.

I’m honored to be a practitioner of a medicine outside of my own ancestral lineage, and take seriously the responsibility of carrying ancient East Asian teachings into the west today. Part of this includes connecting to my ancestors and integrating Celtic cosmology, and deepening in my own spiritual practice.

I believe that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are incredibly powerful tools for increasing health and vitality, and for coming into deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. I’m so thrilled to offer this medicine!

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Avigail Cohen L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist Clinic Director

I have always loved to travel. With 3 passports and family all over the world, I spent many summers as a child visiting my grandparents in England and Israel. I had the opportunity to live abroad for several months in high school and college but really took advantage of my travel bug after college when I lived abroad, worked, and traveled for 4 years. I was seeking to learn as much as I could about many different diverse cultures, but also about their unique and alternative healing practices. I was fascinated by how many of these healing practices looked at the root of the issue and not just a 1 size fix for everyone. I was a sponge taking in as much as I could. I studied massage therapy in Tel-Aviv Israel, participated in a Reiki course in Katmandu, Nepal, took a Thai massage course in Chang Mai, Thailand and lived at a yoga ashram meditating and doing yoga several times a day in Rishikesh, India. When I traveled to China, I wanted to experience acupuncture firsthand and to learn more about their culture and their medicine. At that time, I was already thinking about going to acupuncture school. In 2000, I moved back to the United States from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to begin my acupuncture studies at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine here in Seattle.

I became interested in Women’s Health, pregnancy, and postpartum care when I was pregnant with my first child in my final year of acupuncture school. I was living and breathing acupuncture at the time, but I was also immensely enjoying my pregnancy. I was amazed that my body knew what to do and how much acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped me during this time. Acupuncture helped me sleep, deal with stress, manage my changing body’s aches & pains and helped my body prepare for labor.

These days, I'm experiencing a new phase in my life. My children are transitioning from teens to young adults, and I'm moving through perimenopause. Now I can relate to a new phase of a woman's life, and I'm continuing to devote my personal  and professional experience to supporting, empowering, and serving as a resource for them. I want to create community for women as they are going through the different transitions of their lives.

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Office Manager
Born and raised in Seattle, I am a longtime Ballard resident and a proud local. I received my BFA from Western Washington University in 2015 and have been working largely in the non-profit and holistic healthcare sector for the last 8 years. I like to spend my free time making art, music, and enjoying cozy evenings at home with my cat, Annie. I’m also a published author.

I’ve always felt passionate about helping others and I am fortunate that my path brought me to the work that I’m currently doing, providing others with access to holistic healthcare. I am excited to be joining the BAC family and I look forward to creating an extraordinary experience for each and every one of our patients.