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With the constant inundation of information bombarding us from every angle—from the notifications of news feeds to social media’s perpetuation of FOMO—it is no wonder that Generalized Anxiety Disorder has increased over the past decade. This, on top of the daily stressors of family, bills, and jobs can make anyone’s anxiety soar depending on the season.

While having moments of anxiety and stress is normal, it becomes more of a chronic issue when someone feels stuck in one, or both of these states, never able to turn off the ruminating thoughts to find rest. Even with the various tools that have been introduced to Western culture over the years to reduce our stress—including yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and visualizations—for many people this simply is not enough. If you are one of those that feel stuck in a never-ending loop of anxious thoughts and you live in the Seattle region, fortunate for you your local acupuncture clinic has several viable solutions!

How we get patients “unstuck”~

Acupuncture, Herbs, & Homeopathic Point Injection w/ Calmvalera-a high dilution plant extract 

Acupuncture in itself is one of the best known alternatives to anti-anxiety medications for reducing the valve of what can feel like a never ending anxious vault of thoughts. Chinese medicine practitioners do not believe that anxiety needs to be considered pathological. Rather, when a practitioner is given enough time to address the root of the feelings behind the anxiety, acupuncture can help to ameliorate the manifesting symptoms, returning one to a place of more manageability.

However, just like any therapeutic intervention, sometimes a single tool from our toolbox of specialties is not enough, or perhaps we simply know one will benefit from additional remedies in order to feel more stable sooner. Oftentimes, in addition to treating our patients with care and gentleness in all of our treatments, we also prescribe Chinese herbs to help calm and stabilize the nervous system. When we prescribe Chinese herbal formulas to our patients, it is a way to ensure that people are able to not only prolong the benefits of the acupuncture treatment, but also support the root cause of one’s anxiety, replenishing the system to maintain the momentum of feeling better in the long run.

Along with herbs and acupuncture, for those that have been in chronic states of stress and anxiety for longer than desired, we like to utilize the homeopathic remedy known as Calmvalera through a Point Injection. Calmvalera is a high dilution plant extract that supports the nervous system in chronic states of restlessness, which can show up as insomnia, mental exhaustion,  adrenal fatigue, mild depression, grief, stress, or fibromyalgia.

If you are someone who has been struggling with chronic states of anxiety and stress for too long, perhaps one or all three of these therapies should be prioritized on this week’s “To Do List”.  Because when we feel better, we not only are able to tackle more of what needs to be done, but we can “do more” from a place of inner calm.

Call Ballard Acupuncture Center today to book a treatment to move you from a state of constant stress and into one in which you can operate with more ease and grace on a daily basis. 

We got you!

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