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Postpartum Care With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Postpartum is an incredibly tender time. Doctors often consider the postpartum period to be just six weeks after birth, but if you’ve gone through it, you know that postpartum lasts for months or even years. During pregnancy, you’ve likely been seen by your care team regularly. This changes drastically once your baby arrives, when the focus is shifted to your
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Preparing Your Body For Labor With Acupuncture

Labor is a mysterious, intense, and beautiful process. There isn’t actually a lot of concrete information about what causes labor to start, but research has shown that once the baby is ready for life outside the womb they release a protein that stimulates the hormonal cascade in the mother that leads to labor. So there’s a lot of truth in
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How Chinese Medicine Can Support You Through Your Pregnancy

You may have been trying for years, or it may have been a total surprise. Either way, getting that positive pregnancy test is usually a very memorable moment. Many midwives and doctors don’t schedule the first prenatal visit until after 10 weeks. Coming into the clinic in that interim time can help you feel seen and supported during early pregnancy.
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Increase IVF Success Rates with Acupuncture

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is one of the most common fertility treatments today. IVF refers to the process of fertilizing an egg outside ofthe body then inserting a healthy embryo back into the body to initiate pregnancy. Chinese medical therapies date back to 2000 BC, while IVF technologies became popular in the 1980s. Combining the wisdom of the time-tested medicine
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Harmonizing Your Menstrual Cycle: Chinese Medicine’s Perspective on Relieving Premenstrual Symptoms

Having a menstrual cycle is a wonderful opportunity to tune into the body, and menstruation can be a beautiful time for rest and release. Far too often, though, menstruation is preceded by a host of uncomfortable or at times debilitating symptoms that make it difficult to appreciate the body’s wonder. Premenstrual symptoms have become the norm, but there are actionable
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Five Phase Theory From An Ancient Chinese Medical Perspective

In Five Phase theory which comes from the ancient Chinese medical perspective, each season is associated with a particular element, organ system, and emotion. Understanding the seasonal associations can be a helpful way to understand ourselves as connected to the environment around us, and shed light on common themes that you may notice coming up for yourself and those around
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Fertility: what is within our control?

Fertility was a hot topic for ancient Chinese medical doctors. The earliest recorded Chinese medical text (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) includes information about various diseases leading to infertility along with treatment strategies. The Chinese medical approach to bolstering fertility considers the human as an aspect of the macrocosm, and the question of what factors are leading to
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Restoring Your Healthy Glow

Although aging is inevitable, there are certainly ways to slow the process that doesn’t involve surgery, botox, or unnatural fillers. Chinese Medicine is a 3000 year medical practice that relies on the wisdom of what a balanced lifestyle can achieve not only for the physical body, but also the mind and spirit. While seemingly uncomplicated at first in terms some
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Supporting Women Through Life’s Transitions

Fertility, monthly cycles, and menopausal years can each be supported through acupuncture, herbs, botanical-based point injection therapy, and nutrition. Ballard Acupuncture Center is excited to announce that we will be hosting a 3-part workshop series this upcoming Fall on all things related to the various transitions that women enter in and out of throughout their life.  The series will begin
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Food, Mood and Health – How Food Effects Our Mental Health

Navigating the food world can be tricky for many, especially since there always appears to be so many rules and suggestions around what to eat, when to eat it, and how much is too much. There are also the various cultural components that are much more personal and community specific, along with work and family obligations many have to balance.
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