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As many people know, pain can greatly affect our quality of living, keeping us apart from the very people we love and away from the activities that make us feel ourselves.

While we are a clinic that is focused on Women’s health, we also support a variety of other conditions, one of those being pain. Whether it be pain in the back, wrist, ankle, shoulders, or head, Chinese medicine practitioners are well equipped to help. Regular acupuncture treatments, in conjunction with herbal formulas and point injection therapies, in addition to potential diet changes if the patient is open to it, can drastically enhance one’s overall life.

One question we get a lot in the clinic is “How long will it take for it to be gone?” This all depends on how long one has been living with the pain, what their health was like before, along with lifestyle and diet choices. In short, it depends on the individual. Since we are invested in truly getting you back to a place that feels optimal, we work with the patient’s specific lifestyle and daily demands.  As people return to more able-feeling bodies, they will begin to see that better days are possible! 

As a general rule of thumb, it is important to know that chronic conditions take longer and acute conditions take less time to treat. With this, each time you come in, the intensity of the pain and how long it takes to come back will slowly decrease after the treatment. The level in which it decreases, as well as the time it takes for the pain to shift, all depends on lifestyle factors and the individual. 

And like all things with Chinese Medicine, there is no “one size fits all” prognosis. Therefore, getting appropriately accessed by a practitioner, and scheduling consistent treatments that support your path to seeing significant changes, are all factors that can further contribute to your success.

Pain doesn’t have to just be in the joints and muscles that we treat, as we also treat a variety of other origins, with the most prominent being headaches. Whether that be related to hormones, stress, sinus congestion, allergies, weather changes, neck pain or “computer back”, acupuncture and herbal therapies are extraordinarily helpful. More often than not, however, many will not truly understand the cause of their headache. Our job is investigating, along with the patient, where one’s pain stems from, which for a handful of people it starts with regulating hormone health.

Aside from acupuncture, Ballard Acupuncture Center provides a wealth of other resources in conjunction with the treatments that can assist in expediting the decrease of pain over time. These additional offerings include Moxa packs,  White Willow Balm, Point Injection Therapy, and Functional Medicine supplementation that assist in decreasing inflammation. We go the length!

Don’t believe us? That is okay! That’s why we provide links to additional articles on how acupuncture helps, in effort to further support you in choices to make about your body and life, both short and long term.

Read a bit more about how acupuncture can support pain management in the link below.

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Acupuncture is an ancient system of health care effective in treating many conditions. It’s based on an energetic model rather than the biochemical model of Western medicine.
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Point Injection Therapy is the injection of sterile botanical substances such as herbal extracts, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
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