Endometriosis, Premenstrual syndrome, Menopausal syndrome…….Can Chinese Medicine Really Help???

Many people will come to our acupuncture clinic sharing how they read in an article or heard from a friend that Chinese medicine can help with various different menstrual or female hormonal related imbalances. “I heard that acupuncture can treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)” or “My aunt got relief from her endometriosis with Chinese herbs”. There is always a combination of both hope and hesitation when patients share this with us, with eyes quietly questioning “…but is it true?”  

When people find their way to alternative medicine practices, it is generally because they have found little help elsewhere, and therefore, are ready to try something entirely different. We always want patients to be assured that Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and highly sophisticated herbal formulation has been practiced for thousands of years and, although still new to Western culture, when practiced by a trained and competent practitioner, has high success rates by treating the whole system versus only the diagnosis and physical symptoms that are manifesting.  

In order to provide confidence and trust in Chinese medicine’s efficacy in treating the various gynecological disorders people come to see us for, we attempt to circulate peer reviewed publications of scientific case studies demonstrating the application of Chinese medicine to Western diagnoses and their results.  

The article we are sharing this week is a publication discussing how Chinese medicine has been applied to various common Western gynecological diagnoses, including endometriosis, PMS, and menopausal syndrome. For each of these conditions, the research provides a synopsis of how the studies were conducted with various ranges of success, without intervention of conventional treatment. Read a bit about each case by following the link below:

Treating gynecological disorders with Traditional Chinese Medicine

We were excited to share this article because here at Ballard Acupuncture Center we have a long history of treating each of the gynecological challenges mentioned, helping many women over the years heal from conditions they could not find solutions for elsewhere. 

If you are someone seeking relief from any of the above diagnoses, or if it is something else you are needing support in, please call Ballard Acupuncture Center today at 206-491-7746 and our clinic manager will set you up for the next available appointment with one of our highly trained licensed practitioners. 

We look forward to being a part of your wellness journey! 

In loving support,

The Ballard Acupuncture Center Team

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