Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine, rather than targeting individual symptoms, focuses on the optimal functioning of the entire body and its organs. It utilizes targeted lab testing to assess your body systems and help you find the root cause of your condition. The five most commonly treated syndromes with functional medicine are:

·  Fatigue

·  Weight Gain

·  Anxiety and Depression

·  Hormonal Imbalances

·  Digestive Disorders
Mayo Clinic Research Study On The Kalish Method

What is the Ballard Acupuncture Center Method of Functional Medicine?

Avigail’s approach to functional medicine is based on the Kalish Method, which was developed by her mentor Dr. Dan Kalish. Dr. Kalish is the leader in functional medicine education and has taught many of the top practitioners in the country, including those pioneering functional medicine in major healthcare settings. The Kalish Method focuses on addressing five common conditions – weight gain, fatigue, depression, female hormone and digestive problems – through restoring the 3 main body systems: hormones, digestion and detoxification.

What role do lab tests play in Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine uses modern laboratory testing to assess the functional ability of the three major body systems: the neuroendocrine function, digestion, and the detox pathways. Once the tests have identified the origin of disease, supplements and lifestyle change are used to correct disease and permanently restore health and vitality.

What are the benefits of functional medicine?

Functional medicine allows for a personalized health plan to be created based on your lab findings and medical history. It’s the perfect system for restoring health, vitality and focus to those who are too busy or unable to make frequent office visits. Whether you are looking to increase your energy, improve mental focus or just lead a happier, healthier life, functional medicine could be for you. 

How is Avigail’s approach different from other practitioners?

Avigail’s approach is based on the Kalish Method, which addresses the five most chronic symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances and digestive problems that are typically misunderstood/misdiagnosed by conventional medicine practitioners who attempt to address the symptoms, not the root cause/damaged system. The Kalish Method is a lab-based natural health protocol that tests and identifies the dysfunction of the three core main body systems. Typically these three main systems have become compromised long before the symptoms appeared. The lab tests are used to determine the required natural support needed rebalance your body back to its normal state.

How long does it take to get results with functional medicine?

Results vary by each person. Some people feel dramatic improvement within the first month, others may take a bit longer. Our standard programs are for a minimum of six months. Remember, your body didn’t fail overnight. Years of stress and illness take their toll and it requires a proper amount of time to restore. On average it takes one month of repair for each year you’ve suffered from a specific problem.

What is Avigail’s success rate treating people with “adrenal fatigue” HPA-Axis dysregulation?

Avigail’s adrenal protocols are based on her mentor Dr. Dan Kalish. Dr. Kalish’s protocols have been tested and proven with 23 years of clinical experience by over 8,000 patients. Avigail combines these proven protocols with her 13 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine. Success depends on the diligence of each patient in following their daily protocol and making lifestyle changes. Avigail is committed to assisting and empowering her clients to take back their health and experience life changing results if they are committed to doing so. 

Mayo Clinic Research Study On The Kalish Method