PIT: Point Injection Therapy- What is it? 

Along with acupuncture and individualized herbal formulas, Ballard Acupuncture Center is one of the few holistic wellness centers in Seattle, Washington that offers Point Injection Therapy (PIT).

So what exactly is Point Injection Therapy you ask?

The practice of Point Injection Therapy was introduced in the 1940s by two Medical Doctors- Janet Travell and David Simons. Since that time the therapy has greatly evolved. When initially introduced, practitioners were mainly injecting substances such as corticosteroids, analgesics, saline and other numbing agents into the body to reduce pain and inflammation. While all of these are still common practice at most hospitals, the industry has changed greatly, now utilizing botanical substances including herbal extracts, homeopathic medications, vitamins, minerals and bioavailable nutrients as alternatives to steroids. Moreso, not only do these options also reduce pain and inflammation with far less side effects, but they extend to supporting immunity, weight loss, stress, anxiety, and many women’s health conditions.

How does it work?

By using the traditional Chinese meridian systems stimulated by acupuncture needles, we inject the botanical substances and homeopathics into specific points on the body that follow the myofascial meridian lines to help the condition for which a patient is being seen. 

By injecting sterile herbal extracts and homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points, it provides a dual benefit of both the pharmacological effect of the substances themself, while also stimulating the energy of the point.

So why choose PIT over Cortisone?

Cortisone is a steroid that, while reducing inflammation, is generally only temporary, and therefore does not provide a cure for the underlying condition, only a bandaid for temporary relief. Although it often can be an advantageous tool, we believe that the herbal botanical in which our acupuncturists are certified to use in the Point Injection Therapy treatments are not only safer, but also assist in the body’s natural biochemistry in healing itself from the inside out, eliminating the prospects of the various side effects seen with Cortisone. 

The Downside of Cortisone in contrast to our Alternatives

Cortisone is not just a steroid that stays local to the site in which it is being injected. Although often cited to do so, there have been numerous systemic side effects that have been seen to take place as a result of these injections, including elevated blood pressure, the raising of blood glucose, menopausal symptoms, and weight gain to name just a few. Along with these, there are also the local side effects that can often be experienced involving tissue damage and tendon weakening.

At Ballard Acupuncture Center we provide better, safer alternatives. Some of the remedies that you will see us utilizing within our clinic are the homeopathics Zeel and Traumeel- plant extracts used by many German practitioners as alternatives to steroids, as well as to support growth factors for natural healing.  For weight loss we recruit MIC- a combination of vitamins that helps to break down fats and fatty liver disease, as well as Methylated B12 for weight loss, fatigue, and nerve damage. For stress and anxiety, many of our patients will hear us discuss Calmvalera, another homeopathic found amongst German practitioners for insomnia, addiction, fibromyalgia, and adrenal health. Even more unique is our injection of Chinese herbs with compounds of Dang Gui and Sheng Mai San for women’s conditions.

Whatever it is that you are seeking relief from, PIT offers a viable, safe, and holistic alternative. We also provide special packages that greatly reduce that cost for ongoing sessions!

Call Ballard Acupuncture Clinic today to schedule an acupuncture session with the addition of a point injection or just a point injection on its own. We have you covered with whatever you choose and gladly walk you through the experience every step of the way.

Looking forward to continuing to help our community thrive.

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