Restoring Your Healthy Glow

Although aging is inevitable, there are certainly ways to slow the process that doesn’t involve surgery, botox, or unnatural fillers. Chinese Medicine is a 3000 year medical practice that relies on the wisdom of what a balanced lifestyle can achieve not only for the physical body, but also the mind and spirit. While seemingly uncomplicated at first in terms some of the simplestest suggestions being lifestyle adjustments and dietary recommendations—many know living in a body is an art and daily practice of re-attuning to make sure we are appropriately listening are essential.

Chinese medicine goes one step beyond lifestyle changes by slowing down the body’s natural aging process through not only food, but also with the addition of acupuncture, herbs, and the ancient practice qigong to restore health. There is a beautiful saying in the practice that many practitioners are aware of—“Where the mind or “Qi” goes, energy flows”. Traditional Chinese Medicine’s inherent mechanism is to rebalance the body’s complex system of interconnected channels, helping stimulate the flow of qi (oxygen) and blood to the skin and organs, returning a natural glow to the face, as well as vitality  to the mind. 

How Chinese Medicine can support healthy aging:

As one ages, gravity takes a hold and tends to pull on the skin causing it to begin to sag and weigh down. Over time one loses their natural elasticity, and with  the slowing of collagen production we begin to see more fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration. These can all make us look older than we are. But what if we told you there’s a way to not only prevent or slow down this process, but also restore years to the face? What if there is a way to restore your personal youthful glow in both complexion and energy. This little kept secret is the magic of what Chinese Medicine can contribute to our nightly skin care routine. 


Many people come into the clinic and ask just how acupuncture works. In essence, it “works” by way of the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific areas of the body, the web of connective tissue, which is translated into the beautiful philosophy of the meridian lines. The insertion of these needles helps to move, unblock, and restore a healthy flow of what is known as Qi. Although it is often translated as either “energy” or “oxygen” it is more complex than our English words have to offer. However, the easiest way to understand what the vital essence of “qi” entails is specific to each person. Some medical practitioners have translated this to be our unique “energy signature”. In short, it is what makes you—you. 

With the everyday life stressors, now compounded by the omnipresent demands of technology, qi and blood in the channels gets stuck, showing in body, mind, and complexion. By restoring the natural flow of qi and blood in the skin, acupuncture helps to nourish and revitalize its cells, giving them a youthful appearance. 

Herbal Medicine:

From the vast apothecary of Chinese Medicine, there are a wealth of herbs that can support the skin, in addition to aid in balancing the hormones and root causes of aging. Some of the more common Chinese medicinals that are seen on the market today range from pearl powder, green tea extracts, goji berries, saffron and ginseng. These are each fantastic in their own right , and when either applied or taken in the appropriate quantity, can yield wonderful results. However, there are many more less common herbs that are not entirely accessible to the general public, as they need a licensed practitioner to prescribe. The injection of herbs in conjunction with acupuncture treatment, can support the body in rebuilding vitality from the inside out. Feeling and looking good can be within your grasp.


We know the saying of “we are what we eat”, and this couldn’t be more true as we age. When we are young we might be able to get away with a little more junk food or our extra drink. However, many of us will find that these choices do get harder to hide as we creep into our later years. Food is deeply a part of Chinese Medicines practices. From the time we wake to the time we go to sleep every thing we ingest (or don’t) either adds to or takes away our vital energy. For the most part many of us know what does not feel good in the body, but often we need a little encouragement or reminder of what things are important for making us feel optimal. That is why Chinese Medicine practitioners not only come with extensive training in meridian theory for acupuncture and herbal formulation, but also extensive understanding of dietary therapy. Right nourishment and hydration is essential for a healthy glow, and Chinese medicine food practices are the lego block often missing in the confusing world of food and diet therapies.

Feeling off and wanting your youthful glow back? Come in for a series of treatments to get you back to a back of living more fully and feeling beautiful while doing it.

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