Supporting Women Through Life’s Transitions

Fertility, monthly cycles, and menopausal years can each be supported through acupuncture, herbs, botanical-based point injection therapy, and nutrition.

Ballard Acupuncture Center is excited to announce that we will be hosting a 3-part workshop series this upcoming Fall on all things related to the various transitions that women enter in and out of throughout their life. 

The series will begin in September and end in November, segwaying our community from the activity of the Summer months into the more routine, less active, and darker Fall and Winter months—a perfect time to restore the body with self-care, seasonal recipes, and regular acupuncture treatments.

As a health center with a focus on Women’s Health, we will be making sure to target each of the demographics that come to see us. Whether you are in a phase of wanting to begin a family, phasing into peri-menopausal years, or you would like to get your cycle and hormonal health back on track, we want to lend a helping hand. 

Below we share each of the workshops that we will be discussing and focusing on over the course of the three months. All three of the workshops will be held at Ballard Acupuncture Center.

Workshop 1: Fortify Your Fertility– Sept 28th from 6:30pm – 7:45pm 

​​Using Food, Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture, & Supplements- How It Works & Why It’s Important

  • Why stress can hurt your chances of having a baby & what to do. 
  • Learn how much exercise is too much exercise when conceiving. 
  • Understand why food & the way we cook it matters
  • 3 commonly overlooked items that are MUST HAVES. 
  • Discover the biggest mistake that women make when tracking their ovulation that prevents them from getting pregnant. 
  • Discover why acupuncture and herbs are critical for fertility health. 

This fertility workshop will provide answers to why you may not be getting pregnant and direction for what you can start doing NOW. 

Workshop 2: Regulate Your Cycle– Oct 26th from 6:30pm – 7:45pm 

Regulating Your Hormones & Nervous System- Supporting Monthly Cycles w/ Chinese Medicine

The connection between stress and our adrenal glands’ release of hormones can affect both mental and physical circumstances. Everyone understands stress, but not everybody understands the full impact on one’s cycle, mood, hormones, and overall endocrine health. There is help available and there are many different types of treatment that can support the nervous system in being able to restore! Signs of irregular cycles: Prolonged bleeding, skipped cycles, painful menses, mental exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, PMS & mood swings This hormone regulation workshop will provide answers to why you may be having irregular cycles, along with steps to take to achieve more consistent monthly periods and balanced moods.

Workshop 3: Manage Your Menopause– Nov 30th from 6:30pm – 7:45pm

Guiding You Through Menopause Symptom Free- Acupuncture & Herbs For Menopausal Relief

What is Peri/Menopause and how does it manifest?

  • Irregular cycles
  • Heavy or irregular cycles
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Overwhelm
  • Gaining extra weight with same diet and exercise
  • Fatigue, low libido, vaginal dryness, thinning hair, brain fog

This menopause workshop will provide answers to why you may be experiencing the above symptoms, along with what you can do about it to coast into your later years without these common difficulties.

Just because they are common, does not mean they are normal! We are here to guide you on a smoother transition.

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